Tuesday, 21 June 2011

...living in this sound philosophy

Today is the summer solstice. You may not be aware of this, considering it's felt like summer for weeks and our grown-up lives are no longer dictated by the elementary and secondary school calendar. Or you may be very aware of this. You may be dressed as a druid and getting married at Stonehenge with your new-born baby girl, Sequoia Skylark, strapped to your chest.

Either way, here is my summer to-do list*.

1. Wear sunscreen daily. At least on my best feature. My face.
3. Avoid contact with Lake Ontario.
4. Befriend Torontonian with a cottage. Or house on Toronto Island. (Avoid Lake Ontario.)
5. Pass math camp. 
6. Remember to refer to math camp coolly and casually as 'that math course I have to take, so whatever." 
7. Go as long as possible without air conditioning. Spend money saved on shoes.
8. Start hot yoga. In a real studio with a real instructor. Lying spread-eagle on my apartment floor in mid-July does not count.
9. Find a flattering brown flat (brown 'flat'tering?' heh heh heh) that provides a bit of an arch and can work with casual clothes and dresses and is comfortabe to walk long distances in. (Suggestions?)
10. Even out sheath dress tan.
11. Build up immunity to smells of hot, steamy Chinatown. 
12. Embrace sweat. Like the Finnish. Only clothed. (Avoid Lake Ontario.)
13. Re-learn how to ride a bike. 
      13. A. Learn how to ride a bike in fast-paced and dangerous urban setting. 
      13. B. Use bike as substitute for public transit. 
      13. C  Spend money saved on shoes.
14. Learn 3 no-fail murmurings about wine during Niagara wine tour (in prep for networking with middle-aged white Canadian male politicos and thin-lipped women in suits come fall.)
15. Embark on a successful 4 day hometown visit to Thunder Bay, balancing partying with relaxation with enjoying as much gorgeous nature and fresh air as possible with seeing all of my friends with spending time with musician boyfriend's family with convincing him to let me exercise my joie de vivre and co-perform at least one song with him at hometown show with friend's outdoor wedding reception with non hung over return flight to Toronto.

And oh right. The reason why I quit my job.

16. Revise (re-write) book. 

*To do lists are not to be confused with 'blog posts'. Click for further reading.
**preferably on June 30th, July 31 or August 31


Caitlin Rose said...

well, that is a lot of things to accomplish. i don't think the china town thing will turn out, but hopefully we can go on a bike ride together : )

Bri said...


Where did you get your helmet?