Monday, 13 June 2011

Reasons why I should not be writing a blog

1.   I don’t think I’m funny anymore. I think I was funny, at one point. But I peaked. And now here I lie in a dry valley of practicality and. Well. It’s a draught. I’m parched.
2.   I’m in a great relationship. Which means I’m boring by default. How I fell into this relationship….well…that’s a story. But that was almost a year ago and now we co-habitate and argue about his underwear on the bathroom floor. And why he doesn’t write songs about me (he is a musician.)
3.   I start policy school in September. Ahem. I start MATH CAMP in August (no big deal) and then policy school in September. No elaboration necessary.
4.   Hipsters won’t like me. I’m happy.
5.   That’s just it. I’m happy. I’m a boring, happy, pre-grad student. And I wish everyone the same happiness and the same love and the same joy and enchantment with life on earth, as we know it, today. (When I’m not stewing over everything that is wrong with the world. Namely capitalism and patriarchy). See, you’re already turned off.
6.   I’m working on a book.
      6A. It’s pretentious to write about the fact that you’re working on a book. No one wants to hear about your book, unless your Stephen King or J.K. Rowling or whoever wrote Twilight. Or Tolstoy reincarnate.
      6B. This non blog could go two ways. I could be terrible at it, thus killing all desire and drive to write for the masses. Or I could (not likely) be good at it, and use it as an excuse to never finish writing this damned book. Either way the book is doomed.

I should not be writing a blog.

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